Dover Taekwondo

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I.T.F. Taekwondo Patterns

                        The reason for 24 patterns:

A mans life of perhaps 100 years may be considered but a day when compared to eternity. The 24 patterns in Taekwon-do represent the hours of one such day - The lifetime of Gen. Choi Hong Hi who leaves Taekwon-do for mankind as a trace of a man in the late 20th Century.

A pattern (Tul) can be described as a series of blocks and counter-attacks against one or more imaginary opponents. But this does not explain why a pattern should be learned and practised to perfection.

The practise to perfection of patterns enhances Taekwon-do skills, and as training progresses the increasingly more complex and difficult patterns introduce all the fundamental and advanced movements in various combinations. This perfection shows how stances and shifts in body weight relate to each other as techniques are performed. This not only teaches timing, balance, and breath-control but also promotes muscle refinement, and flexibility in the process. These patterns should be performed to display their gracious and artistic qualities; a rhythmic flow with harmony of body and mind.

The reason why a pattern should be practised to perfection: